Dojo Floor Upgrade, August 2019

Led by Senpai and “Grandmaster” Igor Akkerman, ably assisted by “New” Bob Lazzarini,  and “Dangerous” Doug Soltesz, and from the bowels of Orinda, “Uncle” Bob Gorman, a refinish of our home dojo floor was completed on August 17 & 18, 2019.  The accompanying video does not begin to capture the efforts of these fine students who sacrificed their entire weekend for this project. The result is a floor as pristine as it was when it was first installed over ten years ago,  an ongoing tribute to those who worked so hard to achieve this truly special space we call our dojo. Thanks to all of our members and friends who help support our never-ending efforts to train. 

“Forceless Force is Forceful”, An interview with Shinzato Katsuhiko Sensei, May 2019

Here is Shinzato Katsuhiko Sensei’s translation of the article from Okinawa Times, May 2019

“Forceless Force is Forceful”

This phrase sounds contradictory, but I sensed its existence as I experienced physical contact with Mr. Katsuhiko Shinzato, who is a head of Okinawa Karate-Do Shorin-ryu Kishaba Juku. Without any forceful impact on my hand I was easily off-balanced and fell down when he made a soft touch against my attacking hand. He seemed to keep his whole body relaxed when confronting me. It is a very novel method that he has been developing based on the body mechanics in Naihanchi kata since he was in his 60s.

It is said that Naihanchi has the dual purposes: one is to build the body by tensing and hardening muscles, the other is to foster a pliable body by relaxing muscles. The latter is what Kishaba Juku utilizes so Naihanchi is performed with relaxed muscles from beginning to end. As a result, each of the motions of Naihanchi looks rather flowing and elastic.

A muscular body is built with flexor muscles. A fluid body is fostered by extensor muscles. No matter how hard you try to develop muscles, they will decline with age. On the contrary, when you gain a body of flexibility along with its bony structure, you can be an active practitioner for a lifetime. This is the main reason why Kishaba Juku focuses on practicing all of Kata with extensor muscles.

Kishaba Juku has adopted three ways of training: (1) they train themselves by tensing joints and muscles as seen in most of karate dojo, (2) they practice with Naihanchi stance (relaxed hip joints) by activating extensor muscles, and (3) they practice the same Naihanchi stance employing a soft touch to contact targets.

They call them respectively:

(1) Hard contact method,

(2) Light contact method, and

 (3) Soft contact method.

Above all, when you advance to the 3rd stage, you will be able surpass a larger or more muscular opponent with the relaxed power that you gain. It is a unique method that prevents an opponent from reacting immediately regardless of his physical strength.

The strength of relaxed body can be likened to a model of anti-earthquake architecture which is called a ‘tensegrity.’ Due to the stability and flexibility of the relaxed body, you can excel against any opponent in the physical actions and techniques of both defense and offense. All in all, a relaxed body may appear powerless, but it actually generates more vital power than that of a solid and rigid body.

Mr. Shinzato was born in 1939. He entered University of the Ryukyus in 1957 and began to practice karate at a karate club on the campus. After graduation, he became an English teacher in Junior high school in Naha. He was granted a special scholarship from American administration in Okinawa to study at Indiana University in 1964. After returning to Okinawa, he resumed karate at the headquarter of The World Shorin-ryu Karate-do Federation whose president was Master Shoshin Nagamine in 1967. He left the organization in 1981 and continued further training under Chokei Kishaba, who was the most efficient among practitioners. “Okinawa Karate-do Shorin-ryu Kishaba Juku” was established in honor of Kishaba sensei in 1998. Mr. Shinzato has now been a head of the Kishaba Juku since the year of 2000, when Kishaba sensei passed away.

Kishaba sensei was quite skeptical of the traditional discipline of Okinawa karate, which is kata-centered training and puts excessive emphasis on body toughening. His main goal was how to be skillful and efficient in the usage of his body and the manipulation of techniques in order to bring kata alive and to be practical in a kumite match. Mr. Shinzato has been doing further research and practice such that he was able to develop a new approach to karate, that is, the Soft contact method, which he is convinced is capable of cultivating unknown potentials of the human body regardless of age or sex.

Mr. Shinzato became 80 this past February. Practicing karate is a part of his daily life. Whenever he practices alone or with his students or karate visitors from outside of Okinawa, he always enjoys finding something new of body mechanics so that he cannot stop training.

Regarding kata performance and physical discipline, Okinawa Karate is considered to be sufficiently preserved and handed down from generation to generation. What about an aspect of skills of karate as an art of self- defense? Mr. Shinzato seems to strive to explore practical and useful method of making the well-built body active and brisk in a desperate situation. He is pursuing a legitimate art which is acceptable to different kind of martial arts.

Source: Okinawa Times, May 2019  

Home Studio / Dojo Remodel Update

Our Dojo Project Team recently completed another important phase of our remodeling effort that began in March, 2018. We now have a fully insulated studio with more options for any type of wellness training desired. Please contact me to schedule a session in this very private and personal space located in Concord, California. Many Thanks to our entire Dojo Family for their endless efforts, passion and support.  Pedro J. Benardy, (925) 980-9466.

Adult Rank Advancement, September 2018

Rank advancement was conducted for our adult class on September 15, 2018. After a rigorous and challenging test, Bob and Jennifer Lazzarini were promoted to 3rd Kyu, Brown Belt in Shorin Ryu karate.

Brown Belt, 3rd Kyu Testing, September 2018



Pictured (Left to Right): Jennifer Lazzarini, Pedro Bernardy, Bob Lazzarini, Bill Northlich, Igor Akkerman, Bob Jinkins, Bob Gorman





Kyu Rank Advancement, November 2018

It is with great pleasure that we celebrate the advancement of four of our Kyu rank members:

Shirley Gutierrez, Blue Belt, 6th Kyu

William Jinkins, Blue Belt, 6th Kyu

Taraneh Mostaghasi, Brown Belt, 3rd Kyu

Parham Gharagozlou, Brown Belt, 3rd Kyu

Testing was conducted by Sensei Kirk Harding, 5th Dan, Isshin Ryu karate. Also serving as judges were RyuBuKan Senpai:

Igor Akkerman, 2nd Dan

Bob Jinkins, 1st Dan

Larisa Mishina, 1st Kyu

Jennifer Lazzarini, 3rd Kyu

Bob Lazzarini, 3rd Kyu

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Home Dojo Remodel Update: October, 2018

Photos of our home dojo taken during and after my trip to Italy when Senpai “Uncle” Bob Gormen and his Project Team worked feverishly over the course of several days.  Their combined efforts resulted in a beautiful Shomen wall adored with cedar panels milled specifically for our dojo.  Although still a work in progress the dojo is once again ready for our use with an exquisite and unique setting that I know you will enjoy.

Thanks to all who have contributed and worked tirelessly since this project began,  particularly those who of you involved with this most recent change:

Bob Gorman

Igor Akkerman

Bob, Jennifer, Noah and Benjamin Lazzarini

George (“Super Contractor”)

Protecting the Aging Brain

This article, written by  Cody Sipe, PhD, outlines the effects of aging and specific actions we can take to help extend our lives with health and productivity. I encourage you to read and adopt the changes that work for you.  Make the New Year a fresh start for improved health and wellness for yourself and those you love.   Be well, stay strong.

Protecting the Aging Brain




The Best Fat Loss Program…

Beach run, Maui

Fit For Life!

The best fat loss program requires a multi-layer approach that incorporates proper nutrition, adequate rest/recovery, affirmative mindfulness, and appropriate physical movement. Periodic modification and persistent adherence in each of these lifestyle areas will produce healthy and sustainable change.

The article below describes a guideline to resistance training that I believe meets the needs of most of us who struggle with how to perform the correct exercise routine in the most productive manner.

Please read the article and contact me with any questions or needs you have on implementing it.

Be well, stay strong. Pedro

Martial Arts Study: Life Preserving and Life Enhancing, Sensei Iain Abernethy

A special podcast by Sensei Iain Abernethy in which he shares his motivation and approach to a lifetime of martial arts study. Much of what he describes echoes my own beliefs. Please listen and share your impressions. Be well, stay strong.


Marital Arts as Life-Preserving and Life-Enhancing