Machi’s Pages

Christina Machiko Bernardy

August 26, 1987 – November 11, 2000

“I wish you could live forever

And that I could be there too,

And that there’d be generations

To look after me and you.

But I know that isn’t likely

So I guess I’ll say it now,

That I’ll love you past the boundaries

That time and breath allow.”

Part of Your Own” by  John Gorka  

Welcome to Machi’s Pages, dedicated to the memory of a beautiful person with an indelible legacy. 

On April 27, 2000, my twelve-year old daughter, Christina Machiko (“Machi”), was diagnosed with a large tumor in her abdomen.  Further testing just days later confirmed it to be hepatoblastoma, a liver cancer primarily found in children.  My life, and the lives of our friends and family, would be forever altered as a result of the challenge now faced by this special young woman.  

This site was originally intended as a means to communicate the struggle and triumph of what we all hoped would be only a temporary setback in Machi’s life.   Since her passing  I have attempted to convert these pages into a fitting testimonial to Machi and to the many people we are honored to have as friends and family.   It is also meant as a tool for helping others through  challenges in their own lives.   

We welcome your comments and hope you will return to this site for future changes.   

Thank you for your visit.   

Pages from Machi’s Celebration of Life program

A few entries from a personal journal

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