Dojo Floor Upgrade, August 2019

Led by Senpai and “Grandmaster” Igor Akkerman, ably assisted by “New” Bob Lazzarini,  and “Dangerous” Doug Soltesz, and from the bowels of Orinda, “Uncle” Bob Gorman, a refinish of our home dojo floor was completed on August 17 & 18, 2019.  The accompanying video does not begin to capture the efforts of these fine students who sacrificed their entire weekend for this project. The result is a floor as pristine as it was when it was first installed over ten years ago,  an ongoing tribute to those who worked so hard to achieve this truly special space we call our dojo. Thanks to all of our members and friends who help support our never-ending efforts to train. 

Home Studio / Dojo Remodel Update

Our Dojo Project Team recently completed another important phase of our remodeling effort that began in March, 2018. We now have a fully insulated studio with more options for any type of wellness training desired. Please contact me to schedule a session in this very private and personal space located in Concord, California. Many Thanks to our entire Dojo Family for their endless efforts, passion and support.  Pedro J. Benardy, (925) 980-9466.

Kyu Rank Advancement, November 2018

It is with great pleasure that we celebrate the advancement of four of our Kyu rank members:

Shirley Gutierrez, Blue Belt, 6th Kyu

William Jinkins, Blue Belt, 6th Kyu

Taraneh Mostaghasi, Brown Belt, 3rd Kyu

Parham Gharagozlou, Brown Belt, 3rd Kyu

Testing was conducted by Sensei Kirk Harding, 5th Dan, Isshin Ryu karate. Also serving as judges were RyuBuKan Senpai:

Igor Akkerman, 2nd Dan

Bob Jinkins, 1st Dan

Larisa Mishina, 1st Kyu

Jennifer Lazzarini, 3rd Kyu

Bob Lazzarini, 3rd Kyu

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Home Dojo Remodel Update: October, 2018

Photos of our home dojo taken during and after my trip to Italy when Senpai “Uncle” Bob Gormen and his Project Team worked feverishly over the course of several days.  Their combined efforts resulted in a beautiful Shomen wall adored with cedar panels milled specifically for our dojo.  Although still a work in progress the dojo is once again ready for our use with an exquisite and unique setting that I know you will enjoy.

Thanks to all who have contributed and worked tirelessly since this project began,  particularly those who of you involved with this most recent change:

Bob Gorman

Igor Akkerman

Bob, Jennifer, Noah and Benjamin Lazzarini

George (“Super Contractor”)