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Pedro Bernardy is a nationally certified personal trainer, martial arts teacher and lifestyle coach who has dedicated his professional career to improvement of the health and wellness of everyone he meets. Please contact Pedro for any questions or assistance regarding the list of services he provides:


MARTIAL ARTS INSTRUCTION: Pragmatic Self-protection Skills; Traditional Karate Training

LIFESTYLE COACHING: Nutritional Plans; Mind and Body Training

Pedro can be reached at: (925) 980-9466 or Pedro@pedrobernardy.com

Be well, stay strong.


One thought on “About”

  1. Hi Pedro, HELP! I have a very important Wedding to attend in the near future. Wondering if you can assist me in a wellness training program online media format…
    At the present time, I am only walking two miles, 5 days and eating 2 meals per day. It is my desire to move towards a more aggressive approach for losing weight through exercise.
    Can you give me more information about your online program available and your cost for the class.
    Thank you!
    Your cuz, Gloria 😊

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